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 True Blue

54,000 miles of total reliability

On the morning of 2nd of May 1995, Australian solo sailor David Adams made history as the first Australian to win Class 2 of the 27,000 mile BOC Challenge solo around the world yacht race. His Australian designed and built True Blue took an outstanding 10 days 10 hours off the previous record for a 50 foot yacht in the BOC, and setting a new record for the fastest circumnavigation by an Australian - 131 days and 5 hours.

And there was another Aussie on the crew of the True Blue: "I couldn't have done it without my Coursemaster CM600 Autopilot," said David."I've used Coursemaster Autopilots exclusively during the past two 27,000 mile BOC Challenges. I've found them totally reliable and easy to use. The manual is easy to read, the service is excellent and they don't let you down."

"They even steered better than I could for over 90% of the time. I regularly competed with the Coursemaster to see who could get the fastest speed. I usually had to wait for a large wave and turn the pilot off so I could please my ego and beat it."

"And with a name like True Blue, Coursemaster was the logical choice for my boat - their whole range of Autopilots is Australian owned and built."


Coursemaster Autopilots have a track record with this 27,000-mile around the world race, testing pilots in the world's most gruelling conditions, to maximise their reliability and superior performance. All Australian finishers in the BOC Challenge since 1982 have used Coursemaster Autopilots, including the other Australian Competitor in the 1994-1995 event, Alan Nebauer sailing Newcastle Australia.

While the BOC race may be a bit extreme for most people, working with BOC racers like David Adams has enabled Coursemaster to advance the technology and enduring dependability for all users of autopilots, from cruising sailors to commercial fishermen.

"The gyro compass Coursemaster developed for the Southern Ocean legs of the race kept an even straighter course, with less effort on the motor,"
David explained. "This saved power and fuel, improving the overall efficiency."

The whole range of Coursemaster Autopilots have the advanced microprocessor technology, the toughness and reliability of the CM600 David used to steer True Blue to victory. All are designed and built in Australia. All are backed by Coursemaster's reputation for superior service.

You may not be planning to race around the world on your own, but whenever you are "messing about in boats" there are times when you need a dependable autopilot, leaving you free to do other things.

If you need an autopilot which is totally reliable and easy to use, with excellent back-up service, ask about the full range of Coursemaster autopilots.

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