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Icom has the broadest range of high quality radio equipment of any manufacturer including marine, air band, UHF CB, commercial land mobile, amateur and receivers.

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Handheld VHF IC-GM1600E The Icom GMDSS VHF Handheld for survival craft Product Details
Handheld VHF IC-M23 Waterproof, Submersible (IPX7) FLOAT'N FLASH - emits a RED flashing light when in water, even if turned off! Product Details
Handheld VHF IC-M35 5W RF output + Clear voice sound. And yes, it floats too! Product Details
Handheld VHF IC-M73 Icom's new waterproof (IPX8) professional, noise cancelling handheld marine VHF radio; 2000mAh lithium ion battery; last call voice recording. This new Icom replaces the IC-M72. Product Details
Handheld VHF IC-M88 The Professionals Choice! Compact VHF marine transceiver. Product Details
Handheld VHF IC-M91D New world's first active noise cancelling handheld with DSC, GPS and MOB! Product Details
Handheld VHF IC-M25 NEW -- Stylish, Lightweight, Bouyant & Easy to Use handheld VHF Marine Transceiver with Float'n Flash Product Details
IC-M323GB & GW NEW with BUILT-IN GPS and GREAT VALUE VHF transceiver - Top performance! Available in Black (GB) or White (GW) Product Details
IC-M400BB The NEW Black Box Transceiver - when space is at a premium. Product Details
IC-M412 VHF compact mobile transceiver with inbuilt DSC, submersible (IPX7) in Black or White Product Details
IC-M423GB & GW NEW VHF - BUILT-IN GPS Transceiver and active noise cancelling. Available in Black (GB) or in White (GW) Product Details
IC-M506 Advanced Fixed Mount VHF, with AIS rx, NMEA2000 connectivity, DSC, 2 way hailer and optional Commandmic 4 Product Details
IC-M801E MF/HF SSB radio telephone with Class E DSC operation for Long Range Communications, remote head, 125W - - When used with optional Antenna tuner AT-141 and OPC-465 cable: Meets Class E DSC standards. Product Details
IC-M801E antenna AT-141 AUTOMATIC ANTENNA TUNER: Matches the IC-M801E transceiver to a long wire antenna with little insertion loss. Product Details
MA-500TR AIS Receiver Class B AIS Transponder for Non-Solas Vessels; GPS Receiver included. Dual channel AIS receiver. Product Details
MXA-5000 AIS Receiver Advanced collision avoidance with read-time vessel traffic information - dual channel simultaneous receive. (both class A and Class B AIS data). Product Details
UHF CB IC-41W Waterproof, dustproof handheld UHF CB radio this is simple to operate with 80 UHF CB channels. Product Details

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